Swallownest Precision Engineering

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Our Facilities/Capabilities


Turning A range of modern centre lathes giving a max. capacity of 4 metres (13'6") between centres. Steady capacity 800mm.
  CNC Turning up to 850mm between centres includes live tooling for centred milling operations.
Vertical Boring Up to 55" diameter
Conventional Milling Vertical, Horizontal, Universal and Bed type - all fitted with digital read out
CNC Milling 3100mm x 850mm table. 7 ton capacity
Slotting Heavy duty and toolroom slotters up to 36" diameter tables and 21" stroke
Drilling Radial Arm and Pillar Drills
Sawing Up to 16" diameter


Gear Box Repair All types
Gear Box Manufacture All types
Press Work Up to 250 tonnes (horizontal)
Fitting Work  
Profiling CNC profiler. Maximum thickness
170mm Flame Cut Blanks
Liquid Nitrogen held on-site  

Gear Manufacture

  Max Pitch Max Diameter Max Face Width
Spur Gears 1.5 DP 56" 9"
Helical Gears 1.5 DP 56" 9"
Double Helical Gears 1.5 DP 56" 9"
Sprockets 2.5" 56" 9"
Internal Gears 3 DP 23" 5"
Bevel Gears 3 DP 24" 4"
Worm Gears Single and Multi Starts
Wormwheels 2 DP 30" -
Racks 3 DP - 9"
Gear Grinding 10 MOD 315mm 160mm